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News Updates from the Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) Technical Committee

Revisions of EN 319 401, EN 319 411-1, and EN 319 411-2 will be available soon.  EN  319 411-3 is to be merged into EN 319 411-1 in order to align it with the latest EU regulation on eID and trust services (eIDAS – EU 910/2014).  It should be available for public review by the end of 2014.  Further information on standards for Certification Authorities and other Trust Service Providers can be found at:


For the most current version of the following published standards, you can also use the number for that ETSI standard on this search page:


Specialist Task Force 457 works on Framework and Coordination Activitiescoordinating the fulfilment of the Rationalised Framework for electronic signature standards across all areas as defined in Phase 1a and in line with mandate M/460, and at executing tasks that requires joint ETSI-CEN activities with regards to the fulfilment of the Rationalised Framework. It also addresses cryptographic suites which overlap with standardisation addressed by both CEN and ETSI.

STF 458 works on  Trust Service Providers (TSP) Supporting electronic signatures: To align specifications for TSP supporting electronic signatures with the rationalised framework, addressing any gaps identified in the rationalised framework work plan, and the progression of all the relevant specifications to EN status.

Past Year’s Report on ESI Activities

Specialist Task Force 438: Guidance on TS 102 042 for CAB Forum Baseline Certificates


Conformity Assessment – TS 119-403 (to be converted into EN 319 403)

General Policy Requirements for CAs – EN 319 401  and EN 319 411-1

Data and Record Systems Security –  TS 101 533-1

Qualified Certificates – EN 319 411-2 (replaces TS 101 456)

Policy requirements for certification authorities issuing qualified certificates  – TS 101 456  V1.4.3 (2007-05)   (pdf)

Publicly Trusted Certificates – EN 319 411-3 (replaces TS 102 042)

Extended Validation Certificates – TS 103 090 and TR 101 564

Guidance for assessment of CAs issuing EV Certificates against TS 102 042 and the EV Guidelines – ETSI TR 101 564 V1.1.1 (2011-09)  (pdf)

Trusted Lists – Harmonization of Status Information

Human-Readable Trust List

EU Lists of Lists

Technical Specification for Trusted Lists – TS 119 612  (pdf)

Technical Specification for Harmonized Trust-service status information – TS 102 231 (pdf)