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Object Registry

Object Registry of the CA / Browser Forum

The CA/Browser Forum node is:- 2.23.140

{joint-iso-itu-t(2) international-organizations(23) ca-browser-forum(140)}

  • certificate-policies(1)
    • extended-validation (1) — <- This is the OID ARC for the Extended Validation Guidelines. (Certificate issued in compliance with the Extended Validation Guidelines)
    • baseline-requirements(2) — <- This is the OID ARC for the Baseline Requirements.  (Certificate issued in compliance with the Baseline Requirements)

Under the Baseline Requirements, additional OIDs adopted by the CA / Browser Forum are:

  • domain-validated(1) => (  (Compliant with Baseline Requirements – No entity identity asserted)
  • organization-validated(2) => (  (Compliant with Baseline Requirements – Organization identity asserted)
  • individual-validated(3) => (  (Compliant with Baseline Requirements – Individual identity asserted)

For Extended Validation Code Signing, the OID is:

For .onion EV Certificates, the TOR Service Descriptor OID is:

For Test Certificate, the OID is: